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Hi from Lake Macquarie, Australia

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just ordered a Flow hive and am looking forward to setting it up. My son and I had bees many years ago when he was about 12 but the drought of the mid 90s out west meant the death of a lot of hives and we lost the lot. I’ve been following the Flow hive development and have decided to get back into bees.

My suburb is surrounded by native bushland and I’m hoping it’s bee paradise in spring/summer flowering season.


Welcome and best of luck… lots of good info available.

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Hi Kim, and welcome to the forum. There are others on the forum from about Lake Macquarie and I’m sure they will make contact with you. There is heaps of reading here as well as great people who will gladly give you good advice.
Funny how bee keeping is so addictive, you can do without them for a while but you never really get it out of your system. I had a break of about 30 years but really happy to have hives again.
Cheers, Peter

I’m so sorry to hear that Kim - glad to know you’re getting back into it. All the best.