Flow Hive is 9!

In this week’s livestream, we celebrate Flow’s 9th birthday!

We do a family harvest, share cake and talk some memories of the start-up days and share our gratitude of all our supporters along the way :slight_smile:

Cedar also answers questions as they come in, starting with some big ones like, ‘9 years in, what keeps you going?’, and ‘is there anything you would have done differently?’

Thank you for all your support along the way :slight_smile: Let us know how your Flow journey comes into the 9 years!

We don’t have the transcript available at the moment, but please email us at info@honeyflow.com if you’d like it.

Let me be the first on the forum to congratulate Flow for reaching 9 years.


Thanks so much Jeff! We so appreciate your support over the years :slight_smile:

  • The Flow Team