Businessess idea required

I lives in Pakistan.I am starting a business of honey forming in garden.I have 4500000 thousands rupees(US$42932.79 ) and 45 labors.Give me idea about business.
1.How much plant requires?
2.Which plants(small flower or vegetable plant ) are important?
3.How much area needs for plants?
4.How much area needs for farm?
5.How much area needs for honey flow(equipment)?
6.How much honey flow(equipment) are requires?
1.How much time require to get honey?
2.How much quantity we get honey?
You and your team help me.


Hi Atta,
Welcome to the forum. What you are asking is something that takes years of experience in your region and country. Every country and region is different, my advice for you would be to find some local beekeepers and ask them about the nectar in the flowers and plants of your region. Just setting up a honey business with no knowledge of your local plants is VERY risky. In most countries Honey businesses move their bees thousands of kilometres every season to chase the honey flows.
This forum is mostly for the use and operation of the Flow as well discussions and advice on bees, to run a success honey business you will need a professional to assist you. However, there is no harm in reaching out to other like minded people here, there could be another beekeeper from your country willing to offer advice. Best of luck with it.


This is a very similar request to one from a gentleman in Georgia.

If you have that amount of money to invest you need to hire a consultant and prepare a Business Plan.

The scope of what you are asking is outside this forums guidelines.

You need to read more books on beekeeping, talk to a lot of professional beekeepers in your country and then in conjunction with a consultant write your business plan. This forum is not the place to do the research you should be doing yourself.

Good luck with your venture but you will need to do a lot more research for it to succeed.