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California man arrested for stealing $1 million worth of beehives


The bee industry is buzzing over the arrest of a man accused of stealing thousands of hives worth nearly $1 million from California’s almond orchards in one of the biggest such thefts on record … read more

That’s crazy!!! How do you guys protect your bees from vandalize and thieves? In Poland is a growing problem but I would never suspect US will straggle with that.


One million dollars in beehives!

So did he steal 100 Flow Hives or 100,000 conventional hives? lol


In total, Tveretinov is responsible for stealing 2,500 hives and equipment worth $875,000, investigators say.

I think they then added on the loss of $200,000 for not being able to rent their equipment for a while.


And it’s even much more when you have to add lost colonies health. BTW Did anyone used ControlBee GPS monitoring for flow or other hives?


I have moved your post to the trading section, because it looks like you are trying to sell your product.


That’s a bit harsh, maybe 1000 vs 3000


Faroe- did you notice that those scoundrels at TapComb (aka CrapComb) have posted a link about this story on their facebook page complete with sad face?

Like they care about theft of apiary related things?? I hope flow is working to shut those hypocrites down.


I didn’t know they were still up and running… I thought they had disappeared.
And yes it is funny they are sad about someone else’s property being stolen :wink:


At everyone,

We are living in a SAD World of crooks n opertunist not willing to really work for what wares n business they do !

Whether it’s our credit, personal informal, inventions or Etc … We have to be vidulent n observant at every turn of life. This holiday weekend I was sent a Very Officsl looking emails supposedly from my bank tell me my Internet Banking account had been temporarily FROZEN n I needed to contact a number immediately. Since we do not do online banking … I was immediately put in GUARD MODE Officsl looking e-mail or not.

Every week we are bombarded by phone calls from fake Internsl Revenue Service, business account fakes n do on. It saddens me to hear about more n more blatted attacks on individuals n business.

Just where is all this going to END. I doubt anytime soon. I’m guessing there are individual n think tanks busy 24/7 working on new or reserected ways to steal our money, business, n more.

It’s sad but disgustingly true,


LoJack for bees! I would be really upset especially since commercial beekeepers can’t get insurance. Secondly, the almond orchard provided no security and their attitude was “oh well” we are sorry. Sorry? How are ya gonna get your 450 acre farm pollinated? I saw the news report and I was agrivated on behalf of the person transported his bees to be hosted on another’s property. It really made commercial pollination look corrupt and risky.