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Can anyone ID this interloper?


Hi there, I am in Australia (NSW) and recently found about a dozen of these insects in my hives and was wondering if anyone recognises it. They may have been gatecrashers looking for a place to hide, as they didn’t like the light when I lifted the cover off. Thats when they did a runner in all directions.


brown striped cockroach? Juvenile?

I always find one cockroach when I take off my hive roofs. The attic makes a perfect loft apartment- with a wonderful heated floor. I don’t think they matter at all.


Looks pretty close to Supella longipalpa:

Ewwwwwww :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Roaches are common cohabitants with bees. They’re mostly feeding on debris and taking advantage of that loft apartment (I like that). Many are semi social and are quite interesting.


Thanks everyone for replying, it sure looks similar to Supella longipalpa. Most likely a different species from down under. Cheers.


semi social? They like parties- but sometimes need to go outside to be alone for a bit?? I guess i’m semi-social too. And quite interesting…


Hahahaha they look a bit like small bush cockroaches. Don’t know the official name for them.