Cockroaches in the hive good or bad?

I hate cockroaches, I am just not a fan! When I open my hives there is often one or two. These hives are pristine other than these interlopers. Full to the lid with bees. I’ve heard they eat wax moth and do some good in there but I’m not so sure. Anyone know? Here is a good Aus link about hive uninvited visitors.

I was kind of excited about checking the hives tomorrow for the first time, but after reading about the ‘intruders’, I don’t know what to expect…yikes! :snail: :rat: :snake: :mouse2: :ant: :beetle: :bug:


In my area small native cockroaches have colonized beehives for the last 15 - 20 years; I don’t recall seeing them before then. In my hives they mostly confine themselves to the inner mat and lid area. In this part of the hive I’ve seen solitary bees with mud nests, small frogs, earwigs, pseudoscorpions, and even a couple of real scorpions once. All of these organisms have found a nice warm shelter and perhaps something to eat and I think they should be regarded as interesting but benign intruders. Then of course you have the visitors you don’t want, like the small hive beetle, or the ones to be wary of, like a snake enjoying the warmth under your hive, or spiders in your hand holds.

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They like to feed on the rubbish at the bottom of the hive, pollen, wax, stuff discarded by the bees. They shouldn’t be an issue unless you have a large infestation, but its just not a good look and a sign of an unclean environment.

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If they eat wax moth then they are a friend of mine, so long as they are not the next infestation!

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Hoe about centipedes ?