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Can someone ID this for me please.. is it wax moth eggs?


Hi guys. Are these wax moth eggs…? Or nothing to worry about…? Or time to panic?


The good news: It’s poop, not eggs.
The bad-if-you-have-a-weak-hive news: It’s wax moth poop.


I agree with @Bobby_Thanepohn :wink:


Yes I agree, it looks like poo of some sort. If it is wax moth, it could be time to check on the hives population. If it is cockroach poo, it also could be time to check on the hives population. You/we should be aware of the status of the hives population at all times anyway.


Oh I might have this in my corflute.

It’s a bit hard to see it and seperate it from the wax. I have some fine black powdery deposit too. Any clues?


From memory wax moth poo is slightly segmented within the overall shape if you get what I mean. Little bit like a stumpy caterpillar I guess but much smaller. Perhaps take a look with a magnifying glass. As to the black powder, I have seen chalkbrood give off a black powder. Any sign of chalkbrood mummies? Plenty of posts about them.


Flow Forum = professional poop identifiers :laughing: lol


While looking for wax moth poo - https://beeinformed.org/2011/10/10/wax-moth/

I found this :open_mouth: OMG


Terrific! I see someone has described them as “brown accordion shaped”. I like that.


there are some things… even if they are healthy… you just DON’T do. And who first started out trying this?? And why? Come to think of it: I don’t want to know. Ignorance is bliss. I do wonder how well there little market stall went, ‘Oh- look- wax moth poo- shall we buy a tub and eat it?’…


Well it certainly made me hungry :slight_smile:


There is no accounting for taste.