Can you double stack flowhive boxes

Have one hive is doing great. Tins of bees and honey

One hive is struggling. So no flow hive for them.

Can you add a second flow hive box to the producing hive 1 brood box, 1 honey box, for the bees, “2” flow hive boxes??

Just wondering

You can indeed. Or you could harvest the flow super more frequently. But if you have a bustling colony and they need the physical space then it might be worth it- although a traditional super would do for that purpose too.

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I would be inclined to remove some brood frames from the strong colony, as a means of swarm prevention, and add those to the weaker hive, while at the same time find out what’s causing it to struggle.


Thanks guys, and we did just put a new queen with brood and honey frames from the strong hive.

May do a spit for a 3rd new hive not sure yet