Capacity of the Flow Frames

Well it will be a while before i will be harvesting but thought I’d prepare.
What is the capacity of a flow frame. Millilitre that is.
I need to arrange the jars but not sure how many and what size i’ll need.


I usually get between 2-2.25L. Less the first time harvesting than subsequent harvests because the cells aren’t drawn out as far initially.

Thanks chau06, i’ll work on the 2.25lt as the best case.
At least this will give me an idea on how many jars to get.

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I get about 6 lbs of honey per frame.

6lbs would be about 1.9 liters.

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Not sure why you are talking volume as honey is measured in weight. Keep in mind that 1 litre of honey is not 1 kg, it is a good deal more.
I expect anything from 2-3kgs when extracting a Fframe.

If you’re not selling it and you’re looking to buy bottles that aren’t sold specifically for packaging honey then volume is more useful…


I use L tube to drain honey out of flow frame into 3 Litre milk bottles. This prevents bee drownings. Avoids having to change containers halfway through.

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Hi Skeggley, thanks for your reply but the jars i’m lookong at are in Metric ml, hense the question.

Here’s a link > Glass jars – The Urban Beehive

Sure, I see where you are coming from Daz.
For me, I wouldn’t recommending pouring into jars directly from the frames. Keeping bees and other insects out during the pour, swapping vessels mid frame drain maybe entertaining the first couple of times but after that no thanks. I harvest 2 frames at a time into a 5l food safe bucket with food safe plastic tubing through holes cut into the lid. I’ll open 1/5th of the frames then walk away for 10-15 mins then open another 1/5th and so on and once I’ve let the last 1/5th drain I’ll close the frame cells and walk away for another 20mins before removing the bucket and hoses and closing up the hive. I do not harvest more than 2 frames per hive per day and have never had an issue utilising this method. I can and do multiple hives at the same time moving from one to the next. I will then pour the 5l buckets into 10l bucket with honey gates and from these into jars at my leisure.
Probably more info than required but what the hey I’m just sharing my procedure and hope it helps. :wink:


I completely hit the wrong key. It’s just under 8lbs. It fills 3¾ two pound bears.

In that case 2.54L… :joy:

Thanks guys. it will be a long way off before i need the jars. The bees are still in the Nuc and doing very well. Too cold these days still to move them. 6C this morning and only geting up to 19-20C during the day.
As soon as it warms up, i’ll move them to the Flow Brood box.

Google Photos

The Nuc

Hi Daz, I would move them over sooner, rather than later. I’m opening up hives to split colonies on the warm days with no wind. Your colony has been in that box long enough for them to figure out the dimensions, which means they could start preparing to swarm, if they haven’t already done so. We got our first call about a swarm yesterday. We weren’t home to take the call. By the time we got the message, it was too late for us, they found someone else. My point being, that bees are already on the move.

When you do the transfer, just look out for any signs that the colony could be preparing to swarm.

Good luck with that, cheers

The volume to weight ratio of honey is approximately 1.45kg to 1l of honey. this is variable depending on the nectar and water content. But is rough enough. I’m sure the urban beekeeper, as other suppliers like Plasdene, provide information such as

  • a 350ml squeeze bottle holds 500g of honey;
  • a 746ml container holds 1kg of honey.

Enjoy the learning journey

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Hi @JeffH

thanks for the advice. I’ve contacted my mentor.
Let you know how i go

@AdamMaskew thanks for that. i’ll keep it in mind when i sort out what i’m doing.

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Great day today, Justed the Nuc, Very happy with the girls. 3 frames with Brood, Caped, Open and eggs. Didnt see the Queen but didnt want to leave the hive open too long.
2 Frames of Honey and pollen.

Google Photos
Google Photos

So moved to the new 8 frame Brood Box.