Honey weight by frame

Does anybody have an idea of the average honey weight for a full flow frame?

I could be misremembering it. But I think most people are getting 2.5-3 kilo per frame. Don’t quote me though

About three kilos (6.5 lb) per frame (more if the bees really build each frame out). If you have seven frames in your super box then you can expect to harvest at least 20 kilos (44 lbs) when every frame is full.

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Looks like i’d be expecting about 6 lbs. US per frame then. That’s comparable with langstroth deep frames. at 44 lbs, that’s about 3.5 gallons (maybe a little more or less +/- ) for each harvest.

I’ve got 19 Flow frames so that would equal 57kg or 125lb, FAARK ! I better start finding some new honey recipes on the net :laughing:

Make mead. It’s fantastic! (if you give it a bit of time to mature).

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LOL honey does last indefinitely as far as I know. But yeah mead sounds good :slight_smile:

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We make mead. Website: http://harrismeadery.com

We use mostly local apiaries for our honey supply. Gallberry honey is being extracted as we speak. My Wife got me the Flowhive for a birthday gift because she knew I would be taking the next step and getting into the hobby of bee keeping to further my knowledge and appreciation of what honey bees actually do for us. It’s been nice comparing the Flowhive next to a langstroth hive in this first year and we’re hoping to catch some queen and pindo palm honey in the supers before our short summer dearth.

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I get more for the RAW honey than I can for finished Mead, so I just can’t bring myself to give up the honey for that :slight_smile:

Sweet! I don’t sell honey or mead. Variety is the spice of life :slight_smile: