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Capilano Honey on 7:30 report tonight- Adulterated?



I’ll be watching Jack, it’s only the mixed blossom honey that’s in question. Apparently 70% of the mixed blossom honey is imported. However Capilano vigorously claim that the mixed blossom honey is pure honey. How can they know for sure that the imported honey is not adulterated?

Even is Capilano is not scamming, they might be victims of scammers.


Capilano would know that the honey they package is not pure honey by testing it and by testing drums they would also know the source of ‘diluted’ honey.

If they are not involved in the fraud themselves then Capalino’s chemists have not done their job very well.

Somewhere someone is committing the fraud and Capilano denying it is happening doesn’t help in their credibility.


Interesting story, now what are Capilano going to do about it. Denying the results is no defence.


its all very interesting , the guys i sell my honey to dont go to the supermarkets after having our flow honey ,they cant wait till its flowing again …very soon the bees are getting very very busy :slight_smile:
Mark kate and kids


This is world wide gangster big business.
Australia should just lay low and just eat their own honey, no more imports.


I take any oportunity to post this petition.

Capilano are bullies, liars and crooks.
But then again they are a big business…


Thanks Skeggs, I signed the petition.


I hope they update the petition… Turnball can’t help anymore… :slight_smile: Not sure how long Morrison will be able to either. Perhaps they should say “Dear PM…”. At least that way they won’t be editing it monthly… :wink:


Turnbull couldn’t have helped before… he couldn’t do anything- unless Abbot and Co approved it. And still they did him in.


Don’t know if you guys heard about the Vegan Honey furore over the last couple of months, but it took us (a few local beekeepers and honey producers) several months to get it off the shelves. A lot of lobbying to state and federal ministers before the Food Standards, ACCC and NSW Food Authority would act. In the end it was local councils who pulled it from the shelves. State and federal bodies are ineffectual and slow. I think you’ll find this will all simmer down with no change to the product ie Allowrie, Smiths and Bramwell. Honey adulteration is big business and very profitable. Just look at Capilano share price today, its exactly the same as last week with takeover bids still on the table.


the ironic thing is - the corporates are eyeing off Capilano with a mind to exporting pure Australian honey into China- even as they export thousands of tonnes of adulterated honey out of China. Capilano gave no real response to the questions 7:30 put to them. As the price of prime Australian medicinal honey goes up- we will see increasing adulteration and substitution of Australian honey too.

the good news is consumers will be looking for that good old, single hive pure raw honey!


Simon Mulvany is being sued by Capilano because of this petition. I’ve been following his court case and if there was a modern day David and Goliath he’s the David.
I wish I had his spirit.


and yet when proof was provided to Simon of another company intentionally mislabelling a product as honey recently when it was coconut syrup which was placed on the shelves of supermarkets alongside genuine honey, he chose to ignore it. A little hypocritical I thought. But who came to rescue with their consumer lawyers to ensure the product was not spread any further… Capilano.


Yeah sure but i think he has enough on his plate already with the current court case.
Are you saying Capilano dealt with the coconut matter themselves? That to me is hypocritical. No hidden agenda?
Not sure who the govt dept is that is responsible for imported food quality but surely this should be their issue anyway. At least label country of origin…


O wow- that poor bugger! the Australian legal system is a horrendous thing if you are not part of a giant corporation with insurance, limited liability and access to vast sums of money. Everything takes years- and even if you win it can be appealed and even if you win again and get costs and damages awarded to you it often won’t cover all the costs you have accrued. Also if you represent yourself and get a costs award- you don’t get paid for your time. Former Justice Kirby described our system of ‘justice’ as follows,

“If you are in the Rolls-Royce class and can afford expensive litigation, you will get Rolls-Royce treatment,” he said. “But it’s a plain fact that ordinary citizens cannot afford to go to court. Our challenge is to come up with a system that is more accessible and cheaper.”

Big companies often attack small individuals confident that no matter the merits of their case- they can wear the small person down before any decision is ever reached. They have the financial power to simply employ more lawyers, delay everything and wait until their victim is financially ruined. And then they claim back their costs as tax deductions.

@Rodderick maybe give him a break, eh? That photo above of him and his son holding up mountains of binders might give you an idea of the amount of pressure and stress he must be dealing with trying to represent himself in court. These things can consume your entire life. Capilano of course will have trained legal professionals handling everything - people who get paid win/or lose- no skin off their teeth and no personal risk. One of the first things a lawyer would tell you in a case like that is that no matter how good your case may be- and how vexatious the other side- there are no guarantees how it will go- and that it will all cost a minimum of $100,000 -take years- and potentially cost way way way more than that. Just how much: they won’t tell you. But they will ask for $25,000 ‘on account’ _just to get the ball rolling…


I just sent him a small donation to help him with the fight. Maybe The Flow team would like to help @Faroe ? Seems like the type of thing they’d support… If anyone else cares to here’s the link:


I just read up a little on the history of all this- and from this article a few years ago on the ABC we can see how long our legal system takes… Justice Delayed is Justice Denied? Not in Australia apparently.

from reading the 2016 article there are a few claims from Capilano against Mulvany that the most recent 7:30 investigation now casts some doubt on. In the end a Judge is going to have decide if certain trace levels of contaminants (like pesticide) qualify as ‘poisonous’. Then they’ll have to analyze and compare Australian V Imported honey produced by Capilano. The recent finding in the USA about Round Up will then become relevant. I would be prepared to wager than at least in some instances imported honey WOULD contain higher levels of pesticides and other contaminants- let alone substitution with sugar fillers.

Now matter what happens- win or lose- I say Capilano has already lost the PR war. This entire thing reminds me of McLibel…

My counsel to their counsel: seek a settlement now! Leave this poor single parent alone unless you want to be known as entitled mongrels who cynically use the legal system to intimidate and bully people who lack the financial resources to defend themselves… One could surmise that McKee demonstrated exactly such hubris when he alleged that the matter had ‘already been settled in the courts’.


More info on fake honey.


Well, you probably heard by now that despite of refusing to acknowledge NMR testing, Capilano now wants to fund a NMR testing facility in Australia.
Only if they keep on top of it can they continue to falsify.
Please, we need to lobby for INDEPENDENT testing.
Or better, no more imports.