7:30 report 3rd October

It was basically a follow up the previous program about the “contaminated” honey sold in Australia. They refused to name those that are selling the “tainted” honey in Australia and a lot of those of power to give information to the public would not do so with the story that they were only interested in knowing what percentage was ‘diluted’. To me those that are guilty should be named as the shopper is being sold a product under false pretenses. We, the shoppers and bee keepers, deserve better than being treated as mushrooms and fed on B.S.

It seems to me that those do know all the facts of who is involved are hiding it from those that just want facts and the truth to come out. Even the Australian President of the bee keeps assoc. stooped low enough to have said it wasn’t really an issue for Australian bee keepers, I would have thought having 20% of honey sold in Australia not being not pure honey alarm bells would have rung loud and clear for him.
Someone is pulling the strings of the puppet, people who have the power to stop this fraud in Australia are ignoring the problem and that is doing nothing but tainting the pure honey producers in Australia by association.
But that is only my opinion. Will that get me out of being sued.

Hopefully it just reflects the fact that the accc is getting involved and progressing an investigation to press charges. But your conspiracy theory may be more on the money.

You also have to ask why were Choice asleep at the wheel on this one.

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I have a very logical answer behinds Choice’s inactivity Adam.
I won’t go into details, and some would say I was a fool for not taking a bribe offed in any Switzerland bank and running. In the end I told of the offer and a very high ranking government minister lost out on his cut on the deal and I lost my job in a near overseas country.

I want the juicy details!

Sorry, that is in the past and I prefer to leave it there, it is a very beautiful country and nice people, just sad that is being run by a corrupt government that is holding it back.

And yet you brought it up! Voluntarily! And teased us all with minimal details…

You must have been a femme fatale in a former life. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Something triggered memories from my past about corruption that I regret even happened that I stupidly let myself get into a position that I thought didn’t really happen in governments and corporations. Yes I had read of it in books and in movies but I thought it was on a fiction thing.
I can only say that I was absent minded when I added to the post on the subject. ok…

In your dreams sweetheart. :sunglasses:


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No worries, just makes you interesting to imagine in your “nylons”. :smile: :blush:


I think you and I have discussed me in nylons once before Dawn, Is that your secret fetish?

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Nothing more interesting than a guy in fishnet stockings! :rofl: Especially when beekeeping. You have to really trust your bees to wear these! :smile:

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You really are a tease Dawn, I will look through my photos and see what I have but truth is I’m as straight as a plank of wood. My legs aren’t worth a thought, they are there to keep my derriere off the ground.:thinking: :grinning:

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In the end , the issue is many people know something and don’t speak up.
I reckon I’d be scared of the honey mafiosos if I was a big honey supplier or player.
Glad I only have a couple of hives. Or so.

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I am frightfully suspicious that those that know who the guilty parties are owned in the hip pocket by the parties that are guilty. It is a well organized crime gang has everyone in the chain involved and they run it under disguise of a ‘respectability’.
Note that the guy on the 7:30 report, the scientist would not name those honey suppliers that were selling contaminated honey and so committing at least fraud and obtaining money under false pretenses. Honey fraud is the 3rd biggest food fraud in the world according to my research on the WWW.
I might sound paranoid but I have seen it more than once and many years ago almost got involved with a very tempting offer.

Or to put it another way, say you were an Australian honey supplier and knowing that China imported honey as they could not produce enough for its own demand. So you sold container loads of honey to China then was offered to buy honey back at a price that showed a hansom profit and more than covered the cost of the freight both ways. Would you be just a little suspicious. :thinking::thinking: or wear very dark sunglasses.:sunglasses:
I won’t say more on this subject.

Yh. Dark sunnies and say no more.
So it’s been going on for ages and nobody ever said nothing to protect their own industry, and backhandedly helped to damage it at the same time.
Guess there isn’t much more now but to expose it all by testing that’s getting better and better.

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I listened to my mentor 40 odd years ago when he asked me if I ever wondered why a well known brand of Australian honey didn’t crystallize and the honey he sold to them did.
Being silent about this will only harm the small honey producers.
Testing isn’t the answer, it is exposing and prosecutions that will clean up the industry. We need to tell everyone that what we sell is “Pure natural honey straight from the hive”.
I have even been asked is my honey “Flow Hive Honey” by customers that have only a little knowledge of the industry but want to know more, I get lots of questions and happy to answer.

It’s a sad thing :frowning: Reminds me a bit of the ABC potentially not reporting truthfully anymore to keep someone in the government happy. The ABC turning into “controlled” news, not news as it should be - truthful, and uncovering the facts, no matter who it may upset.

p.s. on another note. Buying local honey direct from the guy I see spinning it, compared to buying “organic” mille fiori honey (means thousand flowers - mixed flower honey) from lidl, the taste is totally different.
They say the honey is better in Sicily, but I can really taste the difference and texture now in comparison. I was buying organic honey on the principle that the certification should guarantee it to be pure and from a trusted source… but I really don’t know if it’s 100% pure honey, or if they do something heat wise to it, which changes the flavour and texture… hmmmm :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:


p.s. here is the link/video:

The president of the Australian honey bee Industry Council says he trusts Australian honey, even though 18% showed up as not pure… makes no sense.

The guy working in the lab said “what can we do to fix this?”, but won’t name the brands that are impure, so we cannot boycott the tainted honey…

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There is a lot going on here right now about the ABC with the sacking of the head of the board of management by someone who didn’t have the authority to do it!!! So the chairman was then put into a position he had to resign. And it all smells of government orders. Wish the ABC were allowed to to report the news and programs without the threat of loosing their jobs for reporting the truth.

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I don’t think any Australian honey gets exported back to Australia. It would be consumed in China. Unlike our ore…
To say our commercial beekeeper aren’t making tainted honey is an assumption. It’s big business, it wouldn’t surprise me if they ‘suppliment’.