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Capped brood color

Most pictures I see of capped brood appear to have solid brown color. Mine are splotchy brown and yellow. Is that ok?

Probably so, but can you post us a pic? Bees use a mixture of wax and pollen to create a cap that allows a little air to circulate through and not too tough for young bees to chew through on their way out. It could be that you are seeing some brighter pollen showing through.

Thanks for reply. That’s what it looks like. And there’s lots of pollen around now. I’ll take a pic at next inspection.

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I find that brood cappings are generally uniform in color, depending on the color of the comb the brood is laid in. You could be looking at a mixture of brood & pollen adjacent to each other, which often happens. Just to clarify: sealed brood cells will be mixed with cells full of pollen.

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