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Does this dark brood look ok?

How does this brood look? This is on one of our healthy hives. I have nothing to compare it to haha, so I’m not sure how it’s looking!


Are you sure that’s brood and not honey? (I’m only looking on my phone so can’t readily zoom in with clarity)

If that’s brood I’d have a concern as some of the caps appear sunken which is often associated with foulbrood.


NOTE that I could be wrong as I can’t clearly see.

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It is worker brood. It looks fine


Hi Lindsay, that’s all good looking brood. There are a few sunken caps which could be the odd chalk brood, however it looks like bees are emerging out that frame, which can account for slightly sunken caps from my observations. It looks like your queen might be on that frame. If it is the queen, it’s the bee facing S/SW, a bit to the right of the center & lower of the center.

PS the dark color is only a result of many generations of bees being raised out of that comb. Nothing to worry about.

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Thanks @Dawn_SD.

I didn’t want my comment to be alarmist so I’m glad you chimed in.

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The comb is old and as it ages it gets darker, maybe the foundation is black plastic making it all look darker still. A good looking queen and a good pattern of capped worker brood. A frame I would cycle out but not urgently. Overall it looks good Lindsay.

Hi Pete, I first thought it was black plastic foundation, however it’s on yellow plastic foundation.

Your right Jeff, the bottom right corner shows the foundation color which I missed. I got new glasses so I can’t blame them. :grin: :grin:
Hello to your mentor. Worth her weight in gold but don’t tell her or she might want a pay rise. :laughing:
Stay safe and cheers to you both.

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Looks fine to me. Nice queen.

I’ve been following your other threads - relax, you’re doing well. Bees are resilient even with the most careless beekeepers.

As hard as it may be, it may be worth dialling back your inspection frequency to give the bees a chance to establish and flourish. This is the classic case of less is more…

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This is our 2nd inspection, just keep looking through the photos both my husband and I took, and posting new questions. Sorry haha! We for sure are not checking daily! We are going to leave them alone for atleast a week though!


Hi Lindsay, I have no problem with checking more often, if it means sorting out a problem. We don’t want to be like everyone’s favorite politician by ignoring a problem & hope it miraculously goes away.

Plus the more inspections you do, the more confident you’ll become.



That just looks like a really old frame to me, as you’ve said the hive is otherwise really healthy I wouldn’t be overly concerned, but perhaps keep a bit of a closer eye on it than usual.

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Wow nothing wrong with your eyes Jeff, one day I will see one of my queens!

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Yes, brood looks ok to me, and that does look like your Queen in the pic.

If you zoom in on the photo, there is the odd sunken cap which could have chalk brood mummies under them.