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Catching Swarms in Tanzania

Hello Everyone,
I am doing some mission work in Musoma Tanzania and I’m really interested in including a flowhive for some extra income for some locals. I have a friend in Canada who has had great success with his. He ordered bees from New Zealand. I’m wondering if I should try attract local bees if I even can do that. Or is it possible to bring in bees from another country also? Any Information would be great.


I was sure how to answer you as I did not know any thing about raising bees in Tanzania. Reading several articles on the subject there is both tradition (in hollowed logs n clay jar or more modern beekeeping done in modified Langstroth hives.

Their is a group based in the capital I believe of Tanzania dedicated to helping new bees like yourself n native people enter into beekeeping. I do not know anything about this group but their Internet address is Africanbeekerping.com. There maybe others with expertise there but that was what I found in my research for you.

Apis millifera bees are most commonly used but on article mention other stinging n non-stinging bees can be suitable for local beekeeping.

Wild badgers n stinging ant are a couple of the issues raising bees in Africa (your area) … These bees seem to be free of many diseases we encounter in the U.S. n other countries like Australia, England n Europe.

I hope this help you on your way n eventually get you on with your beekeeping project.

Good luck,

It’s probably better to use local bees if you can. The Flow Hive is designed for use by Apis mellifera, so if you can get EHB’s in Tanzania?