Cedar Flow Hive Setup - Yarra Ranges

Hey everyone

My flow 2+ arrived yesterday and I’m super keen to jump in and set it up.

I’ve been reading the threads here, and the offical word on what to do to seal the cedar hives and it sounds like wax immersion sealing is the way to go. Unfortunately I’ve missed the boat on wax sealing this year as it’s only offered as a service in winter time.

I’ll be painting the roof with exterior paint as per reccomendations.

I understand that Linseed and Tung oil in humid environments (my block connects to a temporate rain forest) have had problems with mildew so I’m likely to steer away from that unless I hear otherwise here. I’m not certain if that was only for pine hives or applied to the cedar too.

I’ve heard that a few keepers have used UltraDeck in the past and I was wondering if someone was willing to share photos of their setup and how it’s held up over time.

I’d be especially keen to hear from people in my area.

Thanks all!

Hi Chris, this is my Flow Hive Cedar 2, in January 2022, 2 years in the Canberra weather. Still looks good after Exterior Clear satin varnish, 3 coats.


Thanks Karen. Looks great!

Hi @cirode i used a water base Decking treatment on my FH2+ 's
Have only had the first one since end of July so cant say too much about it.
No problems at the moment to speak of.


Thankyou! Looks fantastic!

Which product did you use?

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Love your branding idea too!

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Thanks @cirode.
I have a CNC which does the carvings.
Also numbered the Hives.

for others reading this thread

Daz replied which product he used here: Cabots Furniture Oil

I was recommended intregrain ultradeck timber oil natural which resulted in this

I think both look nice, just depending on what you’re after. I think i’ll be painting my other brood box (i have two) with cabbots and replacing the one i don’t like as much. i’ll post side by side shots here when i’m done so people can benefit


This is a comparison shot. It doesnt really show here as it’s around sunset but i find the cabots quite orange. Looking for alternatives. This is getting expensive haha

I ended up using Tung Oil. Time will tell if it stays looking this nice, but i’m pleased with the results so far