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Flow Hive 2 7 Frame Western Cedar

Hello to all. I will be placing my order this Friday for a Flow Hive 2 7 frame with stand/Western Cedar. I’m so happy and looking forward to placing my order. Once I receive my FH2, any good coating I can use on the Western Cedar to preserve my boxes for my new hive? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Here is a pic of my suit and smoker I ordered a few weeks ago. Where I’m standing at in this pic is where my FH2 will be placed. :grinning:


Exciting times! I used tongue oil on my cedar boxes from flow and they turned out nice. Remember you just coat the exterior and not the interior parts.

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@Tim_Purdie, do you have a link for the Tung Oil or can I goto Amazon or another supplier to purchase? I want to ensure it’s 100% Tung Oil.

I got mine at Home Depot (I live in Canada) but I am sure you can get it on amazon too or any local hardware store like Ace. I’ve heard of people using marine grade sealer as well if you can’t find the oil, it likely will last longer and look awesome too.


@Dawn_SD thank you very much and @Tim_Purdie

I love this pick and story. The excitement of beekeeping right here. All the gear, no hive or bees but maximum excitement.

So looking forward to your future posts and pictures Dylan I was exactly the same a whole 12 months before I even had bees lol


Thank you @HappyHibee