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Cedar upgrade means very soft wood


While building my flow hive today, I noticed the red cedar wood is very soft and easily cracked. Please take great caution when assembling them. While using my electric drill, I made a number of screw cracks when attempting to flush up the screws with the wood and now have a six inch crack in a roof slat. It’s nothing I can’t fix with wood putty but for the cost of the flow hive, be very careful when you assemble it. You might want to use hand screws exclusively.


Good advice to not use the screw to tighten everything up.
I would countersink the screws too.


I would predrill the holes if you are going to use screws… that will happen to any wood with just screwing straight into it…

make sure you use a proper wood screw and not a metal or general screw…

I normally use nails and wood clue on assembly of boxes


It would be useful if the pre-drilled holes were in the roof sections as well as the boxes -the roof was the trickiest part to line up


Good to have the advance warning, thanks. Dremel tool to the rescue! :sunglasses:


Holes are pre drilled and screws were from the set provided. All except the roof. Assembly was easy enough, the cedar is just a very soft wood. Hand tools are best.