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Chalk brood won’t go away!

Willing to take drastic steps to help the bees get this under control.

I have one hive that constantly suffers from chalk brood, it is definitely slowing down the colony.
Things I have tried over a year……I have requeened, I have reduced the size of the hive to one brood box, fed them, removed any frames with plastic foundation and replaced them with new frames and wax foundation, replaced some frames of brood with brood from my very strong hive, placed bananas in the hive…. You name it I’ve tried it! I’ve even thought about sacrificing all frames and letting them start again completely from scratch! It’s incredibly frustrating! Every time I pull out the pest tray under the hive it has lines of chalk brood!
What else can I do to help these bees?

I have been beekeeping for nearly two years, I have 3 hives.
Maybe I am killing them with kindness? Maybe I should just let them sort it out. My strongest hive is one foot away and has never had chalk brood, it just keeps powering ahead.

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have the equipment move the frames into a fresh hive.

Remove frames of pollen and feed pollen sub, sugar syrup with hive alive or honey bee health.

Good ventilation

Difficult one spores can last upto 15 years.

You’ve done pretty much everything you can other than fresh hive, frames and comb.

If its persistent sounds like the colony is stressed by something possibly.

Requeening normally works for me which you’ve tried.

Good luck.


Thank you so much for the advice. I will try that. :grin:

Further to @HappyHibee comments above, if you intend on reusing the hive, you can get the hive and all the components irradiated with gamma rays at certain sterilisation facilities.

Study of effects of gamma rays on bee pathogens


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