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Close encounter of the bee kind


Well I nearly had not one but 2 lots of Bees today. Friend told me of bees in a neighbours garage and said I could have them. But it had to be today because she cannot do after tomorrow.

Got suited (Borrowed from SBKA) and booted with my son James (Ed), Brand new smoker in hand, proud that it lit first time and stayed lit.

Climbed the ladder saw some bees - rather large - turned out to be White Tailed Bumble Bees, in the roof space of the garage.

Neighbour has some bees in their roof - across the road, climbed the ladder, Red Tailed Bumble Bees

Just my luck. Not one but two hives, neither I can have - Not supposed to move bumbles anyways, unless you have to.

I was told I looked very professional but felt like and idiot as they were the wrong bees.

Never mind! - All good practice.


But Dahlinnnng, It’s not how your feel, it’s how you look, and Dahlinnng, you look Mahvarolous!

Not your fault they called you to come get a bunch’o’bumbles!!

I am sure you’re fabulous in your bee rig!

Just like this, no?


My new look… lol


I thought the Skep as a hat, with the veil incorporated, gave new meaning to “Bees in your bonnet!”