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Go ahead - meet a Flow Hiver in person


After some (correction PLENTY of) goofy back and forth texts, and sharing enthusiasm for our new found bee keeping hobby over these past months, I drove a few hours today so that @Eva and I could finally have a little tea party in person. @Eva puts out an awesome lunch spread BTW!!

Although I enjoy my local bee keeping club and events, I find I’m connecting better with Flow Hivers sorta.

We were laughing and chatting up a storm for hours - with plenty of fond comments about how much we appreciate all kinds of help and assistance and good words from so many of you here on the Forum. I bet your ears were burning!

I think there just might be a stronger bee keeping bond between Flow Hivers. I’d encourage others to (safely) meet up in person. Post fun stories here!


Yes!! It was awesome!! And I’m still alive :grinning::+1:

Seriously though, @Cowgirl & I agree that this forum is unique, and it was fun to learn we had even more stuff in common.

Thanks for the lunch props & thanks again for making the trip @Cowgirl!