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Closing of my thread because you didn't like the bad publicity Freebee2

Just as the title states. @Freebee2 obviously closed my other thread because it brings bad publicity. Then @Freebee2 states:

“As has been pointed out in this thread, the forum is primarily a space to discuss beekeeping matters and to share beekeeping tips, questions, and experiences.”

It is these types of actions that really puts a bad taste in potential customers mouths
For @Freebee2, let me quote what the description for the “category” I posted the original thread in:

Beekeeping with Flow™ Hive. Discuss using flow frames, what you love, problems, modifications, ideas anything related to Flow™ Hive.

There are plenty of other topics that fit what you describe.

Now all I can do is shake my head and wonder if I should have invested my money elsewhere. Not a good way to treat a new customer.

Hi Eric,

The thread relating to your hive issues was closed because:
(1) it was not deemed by the forum administrators to be a constructive discussion aimed to benefit the forum community, and
(2) the issues you’ve experienced are not able to be resolved by the forum community and are now being addressed through the correct channel, and
(3) Multiple flagged comments on the post were creating the need for close involvement from admin during a period where we are on skeleton staff for the holiday season, without this being balanced by the inclusion of content that might be deemed particularly valuable to the forum community.

As you can see, your negative comments do remain visible (we are able to remove the post but chose not to). Thus, closing the thread does not remove any ‘bad publicity’ as you’ve suggested - nor is there any intention to hide the fact that you had some issues and complaints. Closing the thread merely indicates that admin do not consider further discussion on the issue to be beneficial to the forum community.

I hope that we will see some future posts from you which are more in line with the spirit of the forum, which is to discuss beekeeping matters, share tips and advice, and ask questions about beekeeping. The forum was established particularly for the benefit of newer beekeepers, but also those who encounter unexpected issues and situations and want to bounce ideas around with other experienced beekeepers.

Your positive contribution to the forum remains welcome, and it is of course fine for posts to also constructively discuss issues or problems you may encounter from time to time - where there is an intention to gain insights into the issue or share useful experiences. However, the forum was not set up as a space to have a go at the people who host the forum.

Kind regards,