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Welcome to the Flow Community Forum guidelines

Welcome to the Flow Forum!
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This is an active, knowledgeable space to discuss anything and everything related to bees and beekeeping with a Flow Hive. Feel free to ask questions, start discussions and share your knowledge with others in response to their beekeeping questions.


Please note – not every post has been moderated. If you see something you are concerned about please flag the post or message and our moderators will deal with the issue.

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What we love to see:

  1. Any beekeeping or Flow Hive related questions! Whether you’re a new beekeeper just getting started or an experienced beekeeper trying Flow for the first time this group exists to help you. So get asking!
  2. Offer advice and knowledge to other members.
  3. Discussions on our products, from positive feedback to constructive criticism. Tips, tricks and suggestions are all welcome.

These will be deleted:

  1. Promotional material: this group is not the place to plug your business or product.
  2. Posts which include illegal counterfeit copies, or which promote the use of our products in a way that is other to how they have been designed.
  3. Posts which include hostility, personal attacks or trolling behaviour.
  4. Questions which have absolutely no context. We don’t have many moderators and we can’t PM you individually to find out what you’re trying to ask.

*If your post or message was declined, it fell into one of the above categories. You are welcome to fix it and try again or contact our team for further information.

Here are some tips on posting:

  • Do a search for your keywords to see if there is an existing discussion on this topic, using the search feature (top right)
  • Make sure to choose a heading that explains the discussion
  • Double-check your post before listing to ensure that meaning, tone and grammar are in line with your topic.

Replying and Joining the discussion:

  • Keep discussions relevant to the original topic, you can always create a new thread for new ideas
  • Keep it friendly – please refrain from swearing, using personal attacks or offensive remarks – these will be removed.
  • If you have specific questions for flow staff please refer them to @Forum_Support. These may include, troubleshooting advice, Flow specific beekeeping questions or product concerns.
  • All complaints, shipping or order issues should be directed to our customer support team.
  • Help keep this forum humming by flagging inappropriate behaviour.

Safety and Privacy

The Flow forum is an excellent tool for connecting with people in your local area. If meeting up with new people, please always exercise caution. We are unable to guarantee the safety of all users active on this forum.

If you are going to exchange your personal details (address, phone and email), to prevent public access to your details, this is best provided through Private Message (PM).

For further details on using this forum please read our Terms Of Service.
Please PM Flow @Forum_Support if you have any questions concerning this Agreement.


Hi @Freebee2,

I have a question. How the rule below affects Sell / Swap / Trade / Buy section? Will it be a separate guideline on what is allowed for sale there?


Great question.

I’d say it would be fine to buy/sell a nuc/queen etc. here or a second hand hive you can no longer use, but not to use as a platform to promote your own business or product.

I’ll check if there are any further guidelines around this too, but mostly the guidelines are to help ensure that the forum is a space for Flow hive users to connect and talk bees, so these are less hard and fast rules and more about ensuring that posts support the spirit of that.

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile: