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Cloudburst Cacophony


Six sound overlays of the original soundtrack are time staggered by quarter-second and half-second delays to create this sonic cloudburst cacophony.
Love Bees, theOZer

Length: 00:01:56 | Size: 194 MB | Format: AVCHD
Date filmed: May 27, 2015 | Date published: June 1, 2015
Camera: Sony HDR-PJ440 Handycam, Ravelli AVT Pro Tripod
Video Editor: Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13
Video FX: NewBlue MSPPS Color Fixer Plus - OpenFX
Transitions: 3D Blinds | Music: Sony ACID Music Studio
Location: Pikes Peak Region, Colorado, USA
YouTube link:


Is the metal shield there just to protect from rain, or does it serve other purposes?


adagna, As you surmised, it serves as an awning to protect my bees against heavy rain and hail. Pikes Peak Region hailstorms can be intense (Hail Yes!).
Love Bees, theOZer