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Newbie here, I put my 3 frame nuc box


Newbie here, I put my 3 frame nuc box into the bottom box with other empty frames. 1st day the bees were so active, coming and going. 2nd day, they were coming and going and on landing strip. Now, 3rd day it is a little colder here in SW Fl (50) and there is hardly any action at all. I put my ear to the hive and you can hear them buzzing but not coming and go
ing much. I really hate to get in the hive if I do not have to. IS IT NORMAL FOR THEM TO BE SO QUITE AT FIRST?


Yes absolutely. When the weather gets poor they will stay put. Its also not a good idea to open the hive when the weather is bad. Imagine what you do when someone opens your front door and its cold outside. They don’t like it anymore than you do. The biggest concern I would have at this point is if the weather stays bad for an extended period of time do they have enough food? I would think you should have a bunch of flowers and plants that are blooming or beginning to at this point. You can feed them sugar water? The sugar water will give them the resources they need to build comb on the empty frames. Once the weather gets nicer they will be back out foraging again. . At this point I don’t think you need to be too concerned.


Thank you so much John. Being new, I really worry about them. :)) I have a lot of wild flowers and also Sunflowers for them. I will not open the hive, I will just keep checking on them from the outside.


Once the weather is better there is nothing wrong with you going in and checking on the hive. I inspect mine weekly during the swarm season and summer. Be careful with the new frames if they have built comb on them. The new comb can fall off the frame easily. If you Pick them up, keep them straight up and down.



As John had stated bees cuddle up during chilly n wet weather. Once in awhile in the winter I’ll see a single bee pop out for a look-see but not long or often.

Don’t panic … Your going to have a lot of first this beginning season so stay tuned to this forum n I strongly advise membership in a local bee club n getting a good trustworthy bee mentor that can stop by, text or chat with by phone. :+1:.

Good luck n happy bee keeping.



Gerald. Thank you so much.


Hi there Linda, how’s it going this week?


Eva, Its going good. I was able to get into the hive this weekend and all looked good. First time getting into the hive alone. Just a little intimidating. Just wanted to make sure I did everything right for the bees.