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Collection area of 🐝 bee's

My dear friends I wanted to know that how long bee’s travel to collect the honey :honey_pot:.

They prefer to fly less than 2 miles, but will go much further if there is a good source. Up to about 5 miles. :wink:

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Dawn is right, the bees will easily fly 7k’s from the hive to forage on a good nectar source if there isn’t something as good closer to the hive. You may notice that bees will fly straight past flowers in their search for nectar.Some plants in flower don’t produce nectar 24 hours a day, they may only produce nectar a half a day and the bees will know when the nectar is there and ignore the flowers when its not.

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There was some interesting research I was reading about a few days ago where they were seeing how far drones would fly for mating. They had hundreds of drones marked and set traps around the place. They trapped them at 3.75 kms but not at 4kms. This gave them info on how to check for DNA tracing to estimate hive density.



Thank you very much your valuable information

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