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Comb differences

Doesn’t get talked about much, but when in honey frames, comb tends to get drawn top bar to bottom and end bar to end bar, completely attached on all sides. Brood frames on the other hand, are quite porous at the edges with the bottom of the comb often not attached to the bottom bar at all.

Just a random observation.


yep- I just put a foundation frame in a brood box and the bees chewed through it at the bottom so they could have that gap. In that hive every brood frame has holes in the bottom of the frames.

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Most of my 14x12 brood frames are drawn top/bottom/ sides
The only time I have seen holes in the bottom is if I am asking bees to draw comb when it’s too cold

Hi Bobby, I’ll have to look at mine. Of course about 50% of mine are reenforced wax n rest plastic. This season only I’ve added several plain Jane foundationless for kicks or I just had to try it “Factor” ! !!

Ta Ta,

I believe the bees leave gaps so they can circulate air through them. You will also see paps in honey frames. This is one of the reasons I prefer wax over plastic, the bees have the option to leave/make whatever gap they like.