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Comb too wide and cannot lift out frames


Have had new hive 6 weeks now and 7 of 8 frames are filled out the bees have started building comb on the last frame .
But have noticed the came is to thick and cannot pull out frames without distroying huge amount of
Comb with honey dropping down
1 is this ok do i cut thecomb so i can. Pull out the frames
2 I have put thesuper on top will this help

Regards col…


No harm Col, just slice it away and leave the bees to clean up the mess, they’ll repair the comb and leave enough bee space.


Thankyou it is messy will check next week and see how things progress…


Flip the box upside down and remove the box from the frames. Then you can pull frames off the end without dealing with the combs being too thick. Then you can shake off the bees and cut them down, or harvest them…


Hi Col, what I would do is look down to see which frame I perceive to be the easiest one to remove. Gently lever the adjoining frames slightly away. Then gently remove that frame. The rest will be easy after that. Square everything up before replacing the frames being careful not to squash any bees between frames. If you are using 8 frames, pay particular attention to the frame spacing. Don’t leave any large gaps.

If you think any of the frames are too uneven, I’d recommend replacing the comb with fresh wax foundation to keep everything square & uniform.


Thanks jeff will try this and see how we go…
Cheers col.


Hi Michael thanks for your tip will see how we go and maybe this will be last resort…
Cheers col…