Complete bee Hive packages

“The greatness created by their labours extends well beyond their hive. By harvesting the sweet gift offered by flowers, bees not only gift the colony with the sweet substance but also gift us”. It is imperative for humankind that we understand and keep bees, so 1000 people keeping a hive each is better than a single man keeping 1000 hives.
I am offering a complete, traditional Langstroth beekeeping package. This comes with everything to get started in the wonderful world of beekeeping. Included is a healthy 5 frame nucleus hive of bees in their own transportable wooden, reusable hive. A brand new wax dipped and painted double 8 frame kit with 11 pure beeswax frames to complete the hive when it establishes. An Australian made quality Beeco smoker and J style hive tool will allow you to open the hive, equipped with a full size protective suit and gloves of the size you require.
All products available now and the bees will be available in spring. If you are within 100 km from Melbourne I am able to come to you as your ‘Beekeeper Mentor’. This option is more personalised than a group course as I can help you with your bees. Any questions or enquiries send me a message or email me at