VICTORIA: Package Bees - 29 October 2016 Pickup - LAST BATCH

Spring is here! Have you ordered your bees yet?
Looking at becoming a beekeeper? Do you have a empty Flow Hive? Or a Topbar hive? Can’t get a Nuc in spring due to availability?
At this time of the year it can be difficult to source bees due to the demand - But you’re in luck!!! We still have plenty of Package Bees from our producer in NSW available, these will be available for collection on Saturday the 29th October as part of our second production batch! Pre-Ordering is a must (so we know how many to bring back!)

Bee sure to order before all sold out: Order here & Watch install video

Packages are $132 inc GST each, this includes a refundable $11inc GST deposit for the package cage on return of the empty cage to me.

For larger orders (50+) we can deliver direct to you on our way back from NSW, otherwise pickup will be in Garfield Victoria (just off the princess hwy) once dates are confirmed.

We can also organise a slightly discounted rate for orders over 100 packages and if you can collect direct from the producer in NSW - Please contact us directly for pricing and details.

Packages are cheaper than Nucs and are available earlier in the season -> BUT they WILL need to be fed 1:1 sugar syrup in the first couple of weeks to provide them the energy to quickly build up quickly (draw out comb). This is a more cost effective option if you’re looking to quickly increase the number of colonies you manage.

Package bees are also ideal if you’re using non-langstroth hive equipment ie top bar, warre, Flow Hive etc.


William Rogers
The Bunyip Beekeeper

Flow Hive is Langstroth equipment, if you are establishing bees in Flow Hive you are establishing in an 8 frame Langstroth box.

To anyone considering this option, make sure you have an 8 frame. (ideally top) feeder ready to go on your Flow Hive, this is critical when establishing packages.