Nucleus hives and queens bees available - ACT, NSW & VIC

Hello fellow beekeepers

we again are offering 5 frame full depth and also 5 frame WSP (3/4) depth nucleus hives available for immediate supply. We build these using 100% Australian bees wax foundation on new wooden frames and supply these to you in corflute transportation boxes that are ideally suited for housing your bees in for a week or two until you transfer your bees into their permanent home. Our apiaries provide the highest of standard Italian honey bee colonies that are highly productive, hygienic behaviour honey bees yet are docile, gentle bees making these easy to handle and inspect. Their low propolis collecting properties make them ideally suited for flow hives…

Our nucleus hives can be ordered by email at

Please dont contact us for package bees as we do not recommend packages of bees to get anyone started as the risks associated are too great for those new to beekeeping.

Our pest and disease prevention programme is second to none to help ensure that your bees get off to the very best start from the outset.
Thanks for your time

aka the 'Honeybee Whisperer’
Tel: 0414 501 578 (Canberra)


Hey Eric
what do they cost?


5 frame Nuc’s in corflute transport boxes are $165 each



Hi Eric

Email has been sent

Hi Eric

Email sent today.


Cheers guys, emails returned to your private email addresses confirming your orders and collection details, etc


aka The Honey Bee Whisper
0414 501 578

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