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Components sold separately?


Hi there,

I was wondering if the Flow Hive folks were planning on selling their components separately? The bottom board for example has the slope to it and you can’t find that anywhere else. Spring cannot come fast enough for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!


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@dsbauden yes it does have a nice slope but Hive stands will have a longer slopped board

This one is from Mann Lake I’m sure others do them as well


I’m referring to the backward slope of the bottom board for the drain of the honey flow that Cedar referred to in the “what included” video. I guess you can just tilt a normal bottom board with shims so the honey flows out.



We are planning on selling some extra’s in the future - brood boxes, roof etc. (not sure about the bottom board).
But we don’t have a time frame at the moment.
We are just working on keeping the web shop stable at the moment and getting the 26,000+ orders filled and ready to ship.
If you are subscribed - http://bit.ly/1AcSws9 to our newsletter we will keep you informed, or keep an eye on our Facebook site for updates - https://www.facebook.com/flowhive?fref=ts

If you have ordered already, we are happy to change/upgrade your order at any time to a complete Flow Hive, if you would like all the extra’s included.
Just email us here with what you would like - http://www.honeyflow.com/contact/p/3


Thank you, Faroe. I have ordered a complete flow hive, but just curious as I may want to combine other hive parts with a flow super and bottom board to “Frankenstein” a flow hive creation in the future. :slight_smile:

I do subscribe to the newsletter and your FB page, so I’ll watch for that annoucement. I appreciate the response! Have a great day!


Okay, no problem :slight_smile:
Hopefully we’ll have some news soon :+1:


cedar brood boxes can be had at many different manufacturers.


That I knew. Beethinking.com has nice ones. I was thinking more of the bottom board with the backward tilt for honey draining or even the gabled roof.


@beethinking is the US manufacturer for Flowhives ; -)


Yes they are! They have great customer service as well. I’m glad the Flow folks are using them.