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What type of flow hive have I got?

I recently purchased this flow hive from someone. I am having trouble identifying which one it is - they said it was from the original prototype but I can no longer see this in the flow shop to compare it. The bottom screen has got me beat - cannot get it out, so any suggestions welcome.

Note the brood box, lid and stand are not flow - just the super and screen/tray.

Hi again Emma, the Flow Classic doesn’t have a bottom kit like that…and has two little knobs not one on the rear observation panel. Also the screw hole for the closing bar (with Flow logo) doesn’t look countersunk as it is on the kits I have.

I’m starting to wonder if it’s maybe a knock off, but I’d rather you had input from @Freebee2 or @Bianca from Flow to help you out.

Hi Emma, it is definitely an early model (classic) Flowhive super, likely Red Cedar. The bottom board would be from Hornsby Beekeeping Supplies, just down the road from you. They are one of the better screened bottom boards available on the market, but also a bit more expensive than most others. Still keep in mind that the tray needs regular cleaning, best every 1-2 weeks. The screen is removable, but can be almost impossible to slide out once it is propolized into please by the bees. Taking it out to clean it is more of an off-hive job.


Thanks for that Georgina. The tray is easy to get out and is done so regularly. The screen however is immovable! As you suggest it may be stuck in with propolis. The stand was homemade apparently.

Yeah I’m pretty sure this is a mix of a few things! :slight_smile: - the bottom board looks to be a different make - I think Georgina below has confirmed it.


As a rep from Flow, I can confirm that from the photos, the only genuine Flow item is the Flow Super (a FH2 western red cedar super).


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