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Help with bottom board metal mesh

I did not get my mesh for my bottom board with the rest of my equipment. Have since populated the hive and now need to insert the mesh. It’s a Cedar 7+. I need to know which side is front and back and which is up and down.

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Is there any chance that you could post a photo? Otherwise you could send an e-mail to info@honeyflow.com with your order number, and they can advise you. This forum is mostly beekeepers, not Flow employees, so we won’t necessarily know what equipment or replacements you have/need. :wink:

@Bianca @danika and @Freebee2 do work for Flow though, so they may be able to shed some light even if we can’t. :thinking:

I assume you mean the metal slotted plate that sits on the bottom board. There is only one way it can fit. I haven’t seen the instructions & diagrams, however I’m guessing that it would be in the instructions. I think from memory that one end is shaped to fit inside the reduced entrance, plus the angled bit goes down. If you remove the brood box, it should be easy to see how it fits into the bottom board.

Hi Wanda,

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For any product assistance, may I invite you to email info@honeyflow.com as we will then be able to access and discuss your order details including which batch your hive is from and the style etc. amongst other things, so we can better assist you. I’m sure our customer support team will be able to get this sorted for you in no time!

I’m pleased you’ve joined the forum as well, as here you will find a wonderfully helpful global community of beekeepers with whom you can share beekeeping tips, experiences and questions.

Happy beekeeping :slight_smile:

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I managed to do this yesterday
I assumed that it could slide in like the tray. However, I had to life the brood box off and the placement was then self-explanitary. Cut out at the front entrance with the lip facing down.

Thanks for the help all



Thanks for the update Wanda - glad to hear it’s all sorted :slight_smile:

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