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Condensation on viewing Perspex


Finally after a rough first year and no honey my girls are showing interest in the super. I have noticed that the viewing window and the ends of the super are getting condensation is this ok or is there something I need to do
Many thanks


I think a little misting up is fine and probably inevitable. When it runs it get a bit more serious. Condensation running down the sides of the hive is the best outcome but you will get problems with the bees if it runs through the frames.


The condensation is because the temp outside the hive is colder that it is inside and there is a high humidity. That is all perfectly normal and of no concern. As your weather warms with some spring weather the condensation will disappear and you will have a clear view of the goings on.
Regards from the other side of the creek. :wink:


Hi Irene,

There seems to be different reasons for condensation in a beehive. It has been discussed a fair bit on the forum, so I suggest you read some of the other topics on it and see if anything relates to your hive :slight_smile: