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Confused about Flow instructions


I received my Flow frames today and after reading through the manual and examining the mechanics of the frame (opening/closing) I am confused. When I insert the Flow key into the upper opening and apply the key as instructed the cells are open (looking like broken cells). But, when I insert the Flow key in the lower opening and apply the key as instructed the cells close and look like an empty honeycomb. Which is correct?


Could be that you have an upside down assembly - another Forumite has had that too. I expect @Faroe will tell you what to do, but if you e-mail a photo with your order number and order e-mail address to info@honeyflow.com, they should replace them for you fairly quickly.



Thank you. I think you’re right. I appreciate your assistance. Cheers.


If they open and close properly, does it matter which slot you use to do either task as long as the end result is achieved?

Light switches: Up = On Down = Off
Have a multi-switch circuit for a room with two entrances and two switches?
Up = Off and Down = On for one of them at all times.

The light works though :slight_smile:


Well, as the cover for the mechanism is designed only to be replaced when the comb is closed, yes it does matter, as you can’t put the cover back on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Two things: the instructions are backwards, and the cap that covers the opening for the Flow key cannot be replaced. Otherwise, knowing how things are supposed to look and operate vs the instructions, I think I could get by. Who knows how many newbies get the frames, follow the instructions and will not figure out that their frames aren’t working as designed?


I stand corrected.

I suppose if my frames had arrived I’d know better.


I don’t have my frames either, but I have watched a lot of videos, and read just about everything that Cedar has written here. So I had come across this problem before. I remembered Cedar mentioning that he had designed the Flow key caps so that they couldn’t be replaced unless the frame was closed. He seemed very pleased with the concept, as it ensures that you won’t be wasting your bees’ efforts trying to fill open cells.

We will all be a lot wiser about everything Flow by the end of this year! :wink:


It looks like you may have got some dodgy frames. This issue has now been resolved for all future orders, but a few seemed to have slipped through upside down.

Can you please email us some photos to info@honeyflow.com and we will organise the replacement frames asap.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks. I have done as you have instructed. Cheers.