Half frame remaing

I have just pulled the last of the honey from my Flow frames to winter my hive. After the flow slowing, I pulled the frames to check them, and noted the back half of the frame was still chokkas with honey. Seems like a malfunction in the way the frames split. Anyone had this issue or got any tips?

Did you push the flow key in all the way?

I actually have 2 Flow keys, so I like to put both in at once and turn together to open or close. However, you can achieve the same thing by putting one key into the left, then middle, then right of the channel, turning each time. I have noticed that if I don’t do that, some cells don’t open/close reliably. The Flow online shop sells extra keys now, if you wanted a second one - $15 in the US (but I bet they have them in Australia too), and shipping is not expensive.

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