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Cons to Pollen Patties?


For what reasons might I not want to feed pollen patties?

I intend to put Flow supers in place soon.


When there is adequate pollen sources with a high protein content.

  1. If your bees already have adequate pollen stores. They will fill up more space with unneeded pollen, because they are little hoarders. :wink:
  2. If you don’t know where the pollen/protein came from. It might carry disease if it is real pollen.
  3. If you don’t need more brood. Pollen stimulates brood formation. Feeding pollen going into Fall is not necessarily a good thing if your queens are beginning to wind down their egg laying. Late winter or early spring is a better time to feed protein, but then again, only if the stores are low.


Hi - just wondering, are you sure there’s still a nectar flow on in your area? Because if there isn’t (I live near Philadelphia PA & it’s a dearth now til late August or so) then the bees might do nothing with the Flow frames, or might propolize them.


Small hive beetles. Short lived bees. Encouraging brood rearing at the wrong times…


Hi Michael! Could you explain the protein patty = short lived bees?


Short lived bees are what you get from pollen substitute. That’s what the research shows. Bees need real pollen to get long lived bees.