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Contact in Malaga, Spain

Hello, I’d like to start with beekeping and I’m looking to connect with poeple in my region (I’m based in Malaga, Spain). I’ve searched on the forum and found some poeple who posted in Andalusia so I think I’m not alone! :slight_smile:

If you put Malaga Spain in the search box…top right corner you will see “Bronze” is from Malaga. You can message him by clicking on your Avatar and select the “envelope”

I did find Bronze, but I didn’t find out how to send him a message… and work in IT :frowning:

thanks for the info! :):grinning: I’ll get in touch with him

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Hi Atkinson here is a run down.

  1. Select your avatar (top right corner)
  2. Click on the envelope symbol
  3. Click on new message
  4. Go to the Add a user box
  5. To at anytime refer to a member in the group type @ then start typing their group name in your case after the @ (no space)type Bronze and after about the Z @Bronze will drop down click on it.
  6. Put in a heading in the what do you want to talk about
    7 The in the main area say what you want to say and when finished,
    8 click Message bottom left corner.

Let us know how you got on.



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