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How to get an @name


How do I get the “@name” for a somebody? Have tried the right click , the left click and either I am not clicking on the correct thing or I am not holding my tongue in the correctly.


I don’t know how to search for it, but if you have an approximate idea, just start typing a message. When you have a few words, type @ then a list of options comes up. The more letters you type after the ampersand sign, the more accurate your choice will be. So I can type a message to @busso and use a drop down menu to fill in the rest with just the letter “b” after the ampersand.

Private messaging is a different thing, but the “@ name” will make sure that the intended person sees your public message.

Hope that helps.



Yeh thanks @Dawn_SD how easy is that. I would have spent a week of Sundays working it out though.


You got it right in one, and proved it too! :smile: