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Valencia Area Spain (Xàtiva)

Any helpful bee keepers around ?


Not so local, I’m in Mallorca… but hola anyway.

I’m looking for someone in Spain to sell me a nucleus for my new hive. So far I’ve only found wholesale suppliers. Does anyone have a link to a reputable bee supplier in Spain?

Hi ya
If you find one let me know and I shall do the same :+1:t3:

Did you find a supplier?
I am in Malaga and have just taken delivery of my flow hive

Hi, no success yet, but I have got a lead to follow up next week. So if anything comes of it I’ll post it here.

Hi I am in the Valencia Spain area . Are there anymore members in this area ?

Hi, I’m in that Valencia area !
Near Xativa.
I’m on the cusp of getting some bees for the first time, but the weather has turned really very hot. But as soon as I have got going it will be good to swap tips :+1:t3: