Corflute bottom board. what am I looking at. pollen etc

I am wondering If someone can break down what I am looking at on the bottom board. ar20180722_153826|374x500in this board. Thanks so much.

Photo didn’t load. :blush:

vorroa treated on Friday 20th

Mostly chewed up wax cappings. Photo is not high rez/close enough to spot varroa. I will try to post a close up of varroa in the next couple of days - we are about to vape, and tons usually drop. :wink:

I was able to zoom the pic and only saw chewed up wax cappings, nothing there to worry about, actually I would be more worried if it wasn’t there.

totally normal- and in fact not much to see. There is always something on there- it’s a good idea to take it out and clean it every so often. Sometimes you might see evidence of wax moth larvae and webs there. Even that is not much of a worry if the colony is strong.

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Thank you all for replying

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what you could do is take a photo much closer showing say an area the size of your palm, and post that so we can take a closer look. I would suggest trying to ensure that the photo includes some of the darker material.

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Hey Dan, if you left click on the pic then click on the new pic it will give a close up and you can drag the view of the photo about. Maybe a trick you are not aware of.

I think that is wax moth poo. But I agree, closer would help a lot. :blush:


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I really hate to be picky, but I am sorry, the focus is difficult for me. I still stick with mostly wax cappings. Definitely a little bit of wax moth poo (but that is normal). I can see at least one Varroa mite, but the focus/graininess makes it difficult to be sure about others. Some plant parts and perhaps some smoker debris (small black fibers). Generally looks like normal hive trash. :blush:

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thanks. I appreciate it