Input on bottom board/tray debris

If anyone has a minute to inspect this debris - do you see anything concerning? There were a couple of small ants and big ants and one larva (I think LWM), one SHB, and a few mites on the rest of the board (this is a week-long collection). I think I see the regular stuff, pollen, wax, bee parts, maybe a mite or two. Anyone see frass or other animal excrement? This is the densest area of debris and seemed fairly representative. Any input from the more experienced members would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

I pulled mine out not sure if I should but I noticed bees in there also. It is hot where I am an no winter. It was pretty dirty.

I noticed bees in there before and I think they are climbing in through the notch where the level is on the tray cover. I put a piece of foam in that gap and there haven’t been any in there since! If I leave the tray out, all the debris falls on the ground and the ants have a field day…

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