What is this debris on bottom board?

Hello, this is the beginning of my third year. It looks like all three hives have survived winter! I was checking bottom boards and I see something I don’t remember seeing last year. Can anyone tell me what they think the debris on the bottom board is?
Things I have seen in the past are wax, pollen, mites or bee parts. What are the brownish things in the picture? They almost lol like the brown husks of popcorn kernels-and I don’t think my girls are eating popcorn in there! , Lol! I haven’t opened the hive yet this season, as it has been too cold yet.
I am in eastern Colorado. Any opinions welcome. I’m stumped. (If I did this right, there is a picture attached)

No photo. If you click the 7th icon from the left in the message window when you are typing a message or a reply (looks like a bar with an arrow pointing up from it), you will get a menu that lets you download your photo. Hope that works for you. :blush:

Thank you! Trying again…

To round to be cocoons so it looks like bee thorax to me. Love to hear a few other opinions on this one.

My thoughts exactly. Maybe they have been cleaning out bees which died in the hive over winter?

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Looks like dead bee parts … I’ve seen this on bottom boards a few times when I’m helping my buddy that has several larger apiaries. Not seen it happen yet in mine (knock on wood). Might be BEE parts from a yellow jacket :honeybee: attack too. They seem to leave what they done need or want

Clean n watch n see if it continues or just a once type thing. Good luck bro !