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What Is This About?


or really Why is this? It has been just over 60 degrees outside all day but this afternoon very rainy. I am always anxious to look at the hive when I get home and what I found was only a few bees at the entrance and then one bee came backing out of the entrance (I knew that didn’t seem right) and the bee was pulling a bigger but dead bee out and just left the dead bee there. No sooner than that bee left another bee came dragging out a bee that looks like wasn’t developed yet (see pic). Just hope all is well inside.


Looks like a dead pupa. If you have hygienic strain bees, this is normal behavior. They are just cleaning house. :wink:


yeah, they’ll pull out all sorts of crap out of the hive while cleaning up…

you’ll get those from time to time… so those, dead bees, chalk brood etc etc… good cleaning practices…

start worrying when there’s hundreds of the same thing…