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Cover for the flow hive


I added the flow hive today, a queen excluder on the bottom, an inner cover then the flat cover. The cover is not sitting correctly because of the handles on the top.
Anyway to use a top cover without the purchase of a highly priced one?


I use 2" foam. Paint it any color you like


You could modify the cover - with a saw.
You could add a shallow box to add clearance.


I have the same problem - I’m going to see if I can find some shorter knobs for the handles.


Several choices. If you have spare inner covers, stack them until the knobs are out of the way. Get (or make) a cheap shim or “mountain camp feeder” (only 2 inches deep), something like this:

Put it on the hive on top of the inner cover. No significant impact on hive volume, so you can leave it on whenever the Flow super is on the hive.


Just notch the top cover to allow for the access panel. It shouldn’t be too much material to take off to make it work.