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Making a top entrance Flow Hive cover


I follow Michael Bush’s natural methods closely and am transitioning all hives to top entrance. I am now adding a Full Flow Hive super (8 frame size) to a 10 frame system which means I will have to make an adapter where 8 meets 10. (I am planning for about a 1/4" spacer all around with the board that fills the gap screwed to it)

But my question is do I need a cover and a lid or can I just make a lid that allows for top entrance. My thinking is that top ventilation is no longer an issue so I don’t need a cover with a hole in it.

Another question is do I need some space between the top of the Flow Frames and the lid?

Loving this Forum.


There was a pretty extensive conversation about that very thing here very recently. Check it out, it may answer all your questions.


I read this thread. The only help is the photo from Michael Bush that seems to show a top board raised on one end with shims and no cover.

So I guess that means I can get by with a single top, with no extra space in there between the top and frames.


just a hint, if you want Michael to see your posts, you should put a @ in front of his name and then select it from the drop down. it will make this happen: @Fusion