Regular cover on flow hive

Hey guys. I just ordered my flow hive, but I just got the hive super with the flow frames in it. I have already bought a starter langstroth have kit from my local store. It came with two brood boxes, a med super, the base, an inner cover and an outer cover. Will a regular langstroth outer cover fit on top of the flow hive super? I love the look of the peaked flow hive cover but couldn’t justify the price of the whole setup when I could everything right down the street for a fraction of the price, but now I’m worried it won’t all fit together! Thanks in advance for any insight!

Hi Jenna, as long as everything you bought is 8 frame, you should be right. If not, would it be to late to exchange it for 8 frames?

If you do not have a telescoping cover you should be ok. A telescoping top cover will not work without a little modification. The knobs on the Flow key access cover part of the super will prevent the telescoping cover from fitting over the super. The back board on the Flow roof does not extend down over the super as far as the board on the front. You could modify a standard telescoping cover in the same way.

This is what I’m getting. I’m worried the cover will hit the knobs for the keyway like you’ve mentioned.

I might be able to swap it for this cover that they also sell? See if it fits?

You are correct, the roof will not sit properly. However, all you need to do is put a second inner cover, or a “shim” (a very short, say 2" or less deep box) on top of the lowest inner cover, and you will have no problems at all. :blush:

This one comes in 8 and 10 frame sizes:

Dawn is that what the very top wooden structure is in my first pic?

The description on Dancing Bee Equipment calls that top wooden structure a deluxe inner cover. That should work exactly like Dawn described and create enough space for the telescoping outer cover. You would put the deluxe inner cover on top of the Flow super, then the outer cover on top of the deluxe inner cover.

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Perfect! Thanks guys. You da best! Now to figure out where to put these girls

Hard to tell, Jenna, it may be a shallow box, and if so, you could also use that. As long as it is above the inner cover, and the hole in the inner cover is blocked with a tile or insect screen, you could use that too.

Jenna just put it where it can benefit from the morning sun, and keep the hive entrance opposite to where the predominant winds come from, so that way the bees can keep hive temp easier.

Planning on tucking it into a curve in my evergreens which will protect it from our harsh Canadian winters. It will have full sun all day until evening. Face it east. Close to our bass pond with a small creek right behind it and our apple orchard and gardens out in front of it. Hopefully it will be bee heaven!

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More questions:
I picked up the kit yesterday. We assembled everything and it’s ready for paint when it gets a bit warmer out. Our inner cover has a notch in the front and a round hole dead center… Is the hole supposed to be covered with anything like hardware cloth?
Also the lid has a hole in it, I’m assuming for ventilation but maybe as a top entrance? Should that be covered too?

Photos please. Can’t answer the question without a photo of what you mean. :wink:

This is the hole in the lid. It’s also not sealed where the lid sits on the hive so bees will be able to fly up in there? Should it all be sealed?

This is the inner cover. I know notch is an upper entry and the big center hole is for feeding but when I’m not feeding does it need to be covered?

I would tape or staple some fly screen over the inside of that roof hole. You don’t want bees, moths or wasps getting in that way. :wink:

Same answer, I would cover it with with well-stuck down fly screen if you are not using it, or put a tile or flat stone over it.

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Thanks Dawn! This is the best site ever. First coat is on and drying. Hope the bees like their home!


Hi Anthony…are you able to please attach a photo of the holes in the gables? Thanks.

I think he has purchased a fake Flow hive. These holes are not in genuine Flow roofs, as far as I am aware. :flushed:

Hi Dawn …yes - thanks, I agree, I don’t think flow hives had holes in the gables unless something has changed…I am hoping a photo might clear the issue up a bit…

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