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Creamed honey not setting

Any suggestions I have about 25kg of honey I’ve been trying to turn into creamed honey. I’ve well & truely exceeded to 1:10 ration but just won’t set & crystals are coarser than the original starter.

Hi I had a similar problem from side contamination, larger crystals mixed in and because the creamed honey will form into the largest crystals found even with the 10:1 mix.
All you can do is slowly warm until all crystals have dissolved then add new seed.

what temperature are you keeping it at? It should set when kept around 14c. It can take a lot longer to set if temps are higher. This is why I tend to make mine in winter… Crystals should never be larger than the starter- as smaller crystals should grow faster and outpace larger ones. However: if you had larger ones present at the start- then your creamed honey is ‘infected’. You can melt it all down again and start over.