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Dartington Beehive Plans


I am trying to get back into beekeeping as a hobby, but suffer from a bad back and one bad shoulder.
I have been reading about the dartington beehive and believe it to be the answer to many of my health
restrictions in beekeeping. I have been trying to find a place to purchase plans, but have had
absolutely no luck. Any information on where to purchase these plans would be most appreciated.
I live in the United States and when I ask people about the dartington beehive, I get nothing but blank
looks…I am really getting frustrated.
Thank you


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You might find it easier to just make a long Langstroth though as it uses 14x12 frames


Good advice from Dee…in the USA Langstroths are the hive everyone uses. There are plans for a langstroth long hive on the Internet…just google it. For the supers you just make half size ones to take 5 frames. Let us know how you get on.


You could always buy One Lang Brood box for sizing. extend the side lengths to the length of the Dartington make a box and put Lang Supers over - sort of Hybrid Dartington style but Lang specs.

That way you can use the Lang frames if you want but less lifting as in the Dartington


These might help?


I am designing a vertical langstroth hive to use flow frames- my design is basically two 10 frame deep boxes long- so I plan to have around 12 deep frames and 6 flow frames. I am designing it so I can add two shallow supers on top if I want to expand production when the flow hits… I plan to do comb honey in the shallows- and Flow honey below. Having a slow time learning sketch up but this is what I have so far: